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Mark Austin Band's "cosmic trigger" wins CD of the Year award at  cosmic trigger wins cd of the year 2004 at

check out Mark's latest radio interview with, one of the internet best music portals!  It will be archived for a while.

Mark Austin Band wins Alternative Artist of the Year 2004!!! at New Artist Radio 2004 4th Annual Independent Music Awards Show  June 19, 2004 Odgen, Utah

MARK AUSTIN BAND's "cosmic trigger" stats so far:

#5 on the CMJ Radio 200 Adds Report from KMUD March 23, 2003 ....  91.1 / 88.3 / 88.9 FM, Redwood Community Radio, Inc. Humboldt County California

 Top Ten in Radio Chart in Canada!  For full press release click here

"cosmic trigger" featured and nominated for "CD of the year 2004" at

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I Think of You
#1 in Jazz charts
#1 in Psychedelic
#1 Progressive Rock
#6 in the POP CHARTS
#11 in Rock
#1 in Pop Vocals
#4 in Adult Contemporary
#5 in Latin Jazz
#2 in J-Pop
#11 in Indie
Low Clouds Roll (band)
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#1 in Acid jazz
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#43 over ALL OF
Taste It
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#1 in Adult Contemporary
#12 in Acid Jazz
#13 in the Groove
#8 in Rock
#16 in Pop-Rock
#54 over all of
Don't Be Scared
#12 Psychedelic